“The Fragility of Hope”

Mar. 31st - Jun. 24th, 2012
Project Row Houses

Irvin Tepper will present an installation of large scale photographs in 2505 Holman St. The artist states of his project, “Most people don’t stop and view the homeless while they are sleeping. Perhaps it makes them uncomfortable to see others living on the periphery in plain view, unprotected, unconscious, and vulnerable. I too am uncomfortable, yet when I stop and stare I attempt to suspend my feelings for their plight. I then begin to see something else. The folds of their blankets, the planes of cardboard shelters, the geometry of the street-these elements reveal a sort of rugged beauty despite the grim condition of the subjects. My attempt in these photographs is to capture a moment that is serendipitous, transitory, and dependent on the subject’s inherent fragility.”

– view site for more details Project Row Houses (round 36)