Irv Tepper z

“Still…I turn my head on your command…”

Still…I_turn_my_head_on_your_command_2013  ||

Announcing a new digital drawing edition by Irvin Tepper using archival inks and printed on Sunset Velvet 315g 100 percent rag paper.

Image Size: 11”x14”
Edition: 25 and 4 artists proofs
Cost: $225 (plus $25 shipping)

The subject of the human skull in art has been the subject matter of artists for centuries. In this drawing Tepper provides his own twist on the tradition of “momento mori”. The skull appears to move as if life continues.

His friend Richard Rapoport made the distorted porcelain skull that is the model for Tepper’s drawing.

“Still, I turn my head on your command…” is the first of a series of affordable digital drawings of diverse subject matter the artist plans to complete.

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